Using Sales Simulations

A lot of hiring managers shy away from doing a sales simulation because they think it’s a bit contrived and somewhat corny, while others fall back on the old "sell me this pen" technique, which is better than nothing.

In an earlier post titled How to Find Out If They Can Sell, I gave an example of a useable sales simulation that is quite simple, easy to administer, and works well.

What I neglected to include in that post is how I evaluate the candidate. Rather than just relying on my stomach to gauge the success, or lack thereof, of the exercise, I have a checklist of those things I want to see during the "sale."

Those of you who are already clients can download the simulation from the Resource section of your account. If you’re not a client, why not become one (there’s no cost) and you too can download a copy of the Hiring Interview Toolkit that includes not just one, but two, sales simulations and the checklist. A $97 value that’s free for signing up.

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