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Hire Sales Skills Over Industry Experience

This hiring tip may seem counter intuitive but it has a lot of merit. Many companies still choose industry experience over sales skills because of the potentially faster ramp-up time and potential business that an industry-seasoned candidate brings to the table. While this is a reasonable assumption, you may be passing up the opportunity to […]

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Beware of the Gabber When Hiring Salespeople

Every now and then I get a call from one of my consulting clients who is all excited because he thinks he’s found the ideal salesperson. "Brian," he’ll tell me excitedly, "This guy is great with people. He’s a really good talker." And I’ll respond with: "I’ve no doubt he’s a good talker, but can […]

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Choosing Which Candidate to Hire Between Equally Qualified Salespeople

Now here’s a problem most sales managers and HR professionals would kill for  "” two equally qualified sales candidates. Assuming that both candidates scored equally on our Sales Temperament Assessment and that they are pretty well matched against your mandatory and desirable criteria list, which one do you choose? You want to choose the person who […]

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Stay Objective When Hiring Salespeople

It’s far too easy to either fall in love with a sales candidate (the halo effect) or develop an instant dislike (transference). What generally happens with both the halo effect and transference is that the person under scrutiny reminds you of someone who you either really like or really dislike. If you find yourself moving […]

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Hire a Boomerang!

No, no, no! I don’t mean the device you throw and that’s supposed to come back to you. I mean a human boomerang. What’s a human boomerang? That’s someone who left your company for supposedly greener pastures but found himself standing in the same brown stuff as before and is now ready to come back. […]

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