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Getting the Prospect to Return Your Call

Prospects today are busy, busy, busy and their voice mailboxes are constantly being filled with messages from people they don’t know, people who they don’t want to know, and people who give no reason to call them back. Don’t be one of those people. Avoiding Voice-mail Hell In the past, salespeople had to find a […]

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Dress for Success

You only get one chance to make a good first impression and what you wear has a lot to do with the impression you create. In this day and age of excessive casualness, it’s easy to cross the line and lose a sale, all because of what you’re wearing. Here’s an example. The salesperson was […]

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Why Should I Buy From You?

Here’s one of the great truths of selling "” if prospects can’t tell the difference between your product or service and your competitor’s product or service, they’ll make their buying decision on price. Now, this isn’t the only reason for the price objection coming up but it’s a major one. It’s absolutely amazing how many […]

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