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Recession Sales Management

No, this article isn’t about how to manage a recession. Recessions seem to manage themselves quite well without our involvement. I want to look at what changes we need to make in our approach to sales management during recessionary or otherwise difficult times. Unless you’ve just fallen off the sales management turnip truck, you’ve probably […]

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The Three-Legged Sales Hiring Stool

If you’re sitting on an office chair at the moment, look down and count the legs (or casters). You’ll most likely see five legs. Ever wonder why? I have. I remember when office chairs had only four casters to roll around with. I suspect that there must have been a rash of people who fell […]

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Should Sales Managers Sell?

Recently, a colleague and friend of mine in South Africa, Suzanne Burgess ofSalesBytes, posed this provocative question to several of her business colleagues. She pointed out that if there’s one raging debate in the sales world, it’s whether or not a sales manager "” i.e. someone who has a team reporting directly to him or […]

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19 Ways to Lose Top-Performing Salespeople

Relax, this is not a tutorial on how to lose salespeople, good or bad. It’s hard enough finding top-performing salespeople in the first place, so why would anyone want to lose them? The answer, of course, is that you don’t, but there are a number of things that you do or don’t do that will […]

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Making Sales and Losing Money

On the surface, the title of this article doesn’t make sense. The problem is, this phenomenon happens all too often, particularly when a company and/or its salespeople are focused on making sales. I can hear the masses crying out now that it’s the salesperson’s job to make sales and how dare I say otherwise. If […]

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