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Don’t Let Your Salespeople Get Overdrawn

Commission salespeople are among the highest paid people in North America. It’s a high-stress, high-anxiety position that pays well when the individual performs. Having a draw against commission is an excellent way to keep the wolf away from the door during lean times or while a new salesperson is coming up to speed. There is […]

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Are Your Salespeople Overpaid

As a sales management consultant I’m often asked, “How much should I be paying my salespeople?” That’s a question that I think most sales managers and business owners would like answered. So I’m going to share my concept with you. The average salesperson, on the other hand, will probably want to lynch me after reading […]

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How to Split Commissions Without Splitting Heads

Watching two salespeople fighting over who gets what in a split sale is worse than listening to two male cats having a territory fight in the middle of a hot August night. You don’t want to hear it, and you certainly don’t want to be in the middle of it. The bigger the commission, the […]

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Bonus Madness

Bonuses can be an integral part of a salesperson’s compensation plan if implemented properly. It’s the "if implemented properly" part that gets companies into trouble. In general, the term "bonus" means something paid or given in addition to what is usual or stipulated. Furthermore, I feel that bonuses should be earned in some fashion, not […]

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Can Your Compensation Plan Pass This Test

One of the most contentious issues sales managers have to contend with is the compensation plan. Sometimes these plans are foisted upon us from on high and sometimes we have to work them out for ourselves. Either way, they have the potential to be a pain in the duffis! This article isn’t about developing a […]

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