The Salesperson from Hell

We’ve all heard of the customer from Hell, but some of us end up hiring a salesperson from the same place. Of course, none of us sets out to hire the wrong person, but occasionally it happens that we end up with the salesperson from Hell. This is the person who looked good and sounded good during the brief hiring process but ends up either not performing or wreaking havoc within the organization.

This can happen when we don’t take the time to hire smart and we try to plug a round peg into a square hole. When this type of mismatch occurs, grief follows and takes the form of:

  • lost and missed opportunities
  • unhappy or lost clients
  • wasted time
  • demoralized staff
  • lawsuits
  • lost money
    …and more

Many managers, in an attempt to either save time or money, have no formal hiring process in place. This is often a false economy and may result in the hiring of an unsuitable candidate.

It takes a newly hired salesperson, even a seasoned one, several months to a year to become productive. You can usually tell pretty quickly if you have a winner, but it could take upwards to a year before you decide you have a dud. That’s yet another reason to spend the time to hire smart instead of hiring quick.

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