Test Your Interview Questions

Before inflicting your new  interview process on a candidate, test your questions on some of your own people first. Gather up two or three people, preferably members of your sales staff, and tell them that you want to practise your interview questions with them.

The idea is for you to see what types of responses you get from people you know and hopefully like. This will better prepare you for the answers you’ll get from real candidates.

It also gives you an opportunity to receive feedback from the test people (I was tempted to use the phrase "test dummies" here but I resisted) as to how they felt about the questions. Did they feel threatened? Were they inclined to respond honestly, or would they have spun a story if this had been a real interview? Ask them how you can refine your questions.

The key to asking good questions is to know what answers you are looking for and what is and isn’t a good response.   It’s also a good idea to have a list of appropriate answers to your questions as well.

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