Set the Candidate’s Expectations About Pre-Employment Testing

One of the best times to mention a pre-employment assessment is right up front in your hiring process. Letting candidates know that they will be asked to go through an assessment as part of your hiring process has a number of advantages:

1.  It positions you as being very professional in your desire to hire the very best.

2.  It can save time by eliminating poor candidates early in the hiring process. The old adage that time is money is even more important in today’s busy world. In order to effectively use an assessment in this manner you should have tested enough of your own performers (and non-performers) so that you really know what type of people you’re looking for.

3.  Letting candidates know that they will be asked to do an assessment will weed out those people who are not confident about their abilities and were hoping to snow their way through the interview process.

One company that I’m aware of adds the following to their recruitment ads, "Every candidate will be offered the opportunity to take an online Sales Assessment Profile which is required before interviews will be scheduled."

This is an easy way to set the candidate’s expectations regarding your pre-employment testing processes.

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