Educate – Inform – Entertain

If you’re looking for ways to liven up your annual sales meeting or conference, or simply want a session to recharge your team, these seminars are designed to entertain, inform and inspire. Any one of these seminars is an excellent way to add value to an association or industry trade show or conference as a concurrent or stand-alone session.

These seminars are delivered by Brian Jeffrey, president of Quintarra Consulting Inc. For information regarding fees and availability, contact Brian at:

Telephone: 613-839-7355

> How to Find, Select & Hire Real Salespeople

A poor salesperson can cause you sleepless nights, ruined customer relationships and wasted time and effort. A good salesperson, however, will make money for you month after month, year after year. In fact, the difference between hiring a star performer and a mediocre salesperson can be hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and increased costs. This workshop will dramatically increase your chances of finding, and keeping, high-performing salespeople who fit in.

Key Topics:

  • The 13 steps of the hiring process
  • How to write ads that attract winners
  • The 5 things that must be in your recruitment ad
  • Ways to effectively screen candidates and applicants
  • How to uncover the losers
  • The 5 most common hiring mistakes
  • How to conduct an effective interview
  • The 13 must-ask questions and why they are important
  • Developing in-depth questions to uncover hidden motivators
  • The pros and cons of psychological testing
  • The 3 sales testing techniques that work
  • How to find out if they really know how to sell
  • Where to find good sales candidates
  • When and how to approach a competitive salesperson (and when not to)
  • How to make a job offer… and more

This workshop is designed for business owners and managers who are responsible for hiring salespeople. It is also excellent for association or industry trade shows as an educational session.

Participants receive a comprehensive workbook, exercise worksheets, sample forms, interview questions, and much, much more.

Available as a 4-hour (half-day) workshop.

> World’s Shortest Sales Course

This course may be short but it’s incredibly complete. If you have people who are new to sales, this is the stuff they absolutely need to know. If you’ve got a seasoned sales team, this is the stuff they’ve probably forgotten and need to be reminded of again. Either way, this lively and informative seminar will take your people on a jam-packed, roller-coaster ride into the wacky world of professional selling.

Available as a 60- or 90-minute talk.

> Why Salespeople Fail

Every day, potentially successful salespeople self-destruct and fail to achieve their goals. This talk uncovers the 12 main reasons for failure as well as shows you how to avoid some of the pitfalls and land mines that cripple salespeople every day.

Available as a 45-, 60-, or 90-minute talk.

> Hiring Winners

One of the most critical functions you perform as a sales manager is putting together an effective sales team. The right people, working together, can make business a pleasure. On the other hand, hire the wrong people and your business life can become hell. Here are the things you absolutely need to know to avoid hiring a dud.

Available as a 60- or 90-minute talk.

> Managing the Sales Funnel

Remember the old saying, “If you build a better mouse trap the world will beat a path to your door?” Well, it’s not true! It doesn’t matter how great your mouse trap is, if you don’t get out and sell it, you’ll end up with a warehouse full of mouse traps and no money in the bank. The key to getting your mouse traps sold is to properly manage your sales funnel.

Available as a 60- or 90-minute talk.