Coaching / Mentoring

Professional Mentoring

This unique service provides sales managers or business owners with an on-going opportunity to call on our professional expertise for advice on:

  • establishing sales quotas
  • compensation packages
  • territory assignments
  • handling a problem salesperson
  • managing the sales team
  • other sales management challenges

With more than 40 years of sales and sales management experience to draw on, we can help you make better, more focused sales management decisions. We offer you an unbiased, third-party opinion on matters that are critical to your sales team.

Experienced Coaching

Our one-on-one coaching service provides you with sage advice and helps you put it into practice. We can help you uncover potential career-limiting habits and provide guidance and insights to keep you moving in the right direction. Because you will be working one on one with an experienced sales management coach, you will learn how to get the best performance from yourself, and you will be able to pass on these insights to your sales team. It’s personal, confidential "” and just an email or phone call away.

Program Components

The elements that make up this program are:

  • Initial Assessment. Your Coaching & Mentoring Program begins with an assessment of your sales management style and your knowledge of selling techniques including, if applicable, a sales simulation to assess your actual selling skills. This will provide us with an overview of your current situation, strengths, options, and opportunities. This session acts as the catalyst for results-based action.
  • Customized Approach. The entire Coaching & Mentoring Program is built around your needs and objectives. It is designed to identify and leverage your most important issues and assets in the reality of your sales environment, experience, and skills.
  • Personalized Plan. You design and implement a Coaching & Mentoring Program plan that fits perfectly for you. You decide the focus, activities, and the pace of the program.
  • Continuous Contact. The program is based on the premise that skills-building and success is mutually complementary. Scheduled one-on-one Coaching & Mentoring Program conversations allow you to confirm progress as you build even more competence and confidence.
  • Access to Resources. Your Coaching & Mentoring Program investment includes access to the entire series of our sales management e-book resource library. You will have the opportunity to incorporate any of the practical, proven ideas and techniques that apply to your needs.
  • On-Demand Coaching. One of the most powerful pieces of the Coaching & Mentoring Program is access to expert feedback when you need it the most, via telephone and email. This program includes timely access to coaching support.
  • Performance-Based Results. The Coaching & Mentoring Program is performance-based. You establish your outcomes and create a practical plan to achieve them. Every conversation will clarify and confirm you are moving forward.

Duration: 90 days, renewable for the same term.
Investment: Contact us.
: Payment in advance, prior to start of engagement.


I am only accepting a limited number of coaching/mentoring clients at this time. If you feel this service will be of value to you, please contact me regarding my availability.