Sales Assessment Tests "” Why Bother?

I always delight in telling people that there are two types of sales managers in this world:

  • those who have hired a dud and
  • those who are going to hire a dud

One of the most critical functions you perform as a sales manager is putting together the sales team. The right people, working together, can make business life a pleasure. On the other hand "” hire the wrong people and your life can become hell.

Most sales managers figure they’re an excellent judge of character and can spot sales talent from a distance of 500 feet, if not farther.

I used to think that too. That’s why a lot of my earlier hires were done after a 15- to 30-minute interview and a brief assessment of what my stomach was telling me about the candidate. I simply didn’t have the time for lengthy interviews or testing procedures.

Here are some startling statistics that emphasize why sales managers should take the time to find the right person. In their book "How to Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer" (McGraw-Hill), Greenberg/Weinstein/Sweeney point out that their studies show the following:

  • 55 percent of those people earning their living in sales should be doing something else,
  • 20 to 25 percent should be selling something else, and
  • the remaining 20 percent account for about 80 percent of everything that’s sold.

A sales assessment test like our Sales Temperament Assessment can help sales managers improve the odds of finding salespeople who fall into that 20 percent category.

And let’s face it, when hiring salespeople we need all the help we can find. At least I do.   🙂

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