World’s Shortest Sales Course

by Brian Jeffrey


Here’s an excerpt from the eBook . . .

This ebook is intended to be many things to many people. If you are a seasoned business-to-business sales professional who is looking for a quick refresher, this ebook will do that for you. If you’re new to the selling field and want to find out what you should be doing to become successful, this ebook’s for you as well. If you’re someone who’s just curious about sales and selling, then you’ll gain insights into what professional salespeople do to stay ahead of the pack.

On the other hand, you might be one of those people who hates selling but has to do the dastardly deed as part of your job description. If this is the case, this ebook offers simple but powerful tools to ease the pain and put the world of selling into perspective.

If you’re one of those people who hate to sell, believe me you’re not alone. This phenomenon, a dislike for selling, is common among all walks of people, particularly professionals such as engineers, accountants, and others, who feel that they shouldn’t have to sell their services. These people tend to take the position that customers or clients should seek them out rather than the other way around. This approach to selling has caused many businesses to wither and die.

So, whether potential clients come to you or you go to them, it pays to know how to sell.

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