Warming Up Cold Calls

by Brian Jeffrey

Here’s an excerpt from  the eBook . . .

Somewhere in this world there are seven or eight salespeople who really enjoy making cold calls. The rest of us would rather stand under a cold shower, fully dressed, ripping up $100 bills. This booklet is for the tens of thousands of us who hate"”and sometimes fear"”making them.

Why do so many of us dislike the idea of making cold calls? Probably because it isn’t something that comes naturally to us. As one successful salesperson put it:

"I felt that making cold calls was like coming to dinner at someone’s house without being invited. Just showing up and saying I’m here for dinner. My mother had raised me to be polite and a lot of the things I thought salespeople did were impolite, like cold calling."

Well, Virginia, you’re not alone. A lot of salespeople feel that way. And as long as we continue to feel this way about colds calls, we’re going to dread and avoid them. We have to change our attitudes and perceptions.

Let’s face it, cold calls can make you anxious. That’s because you put yourself on the line, you take a chance, you expose yourself to rejection. Ninety-five percent of salespeople don’t make cold calls for the same reason they don’t ask for the business (close the sale). They’re afraid of rejection, afraid of getting a "no." Handling rejection is hard to learn and some of us never do learn to cope.

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