Time Management Tips for Salespeople

by Brian Jeffrey

Here’s an excerpt from  the eBook . . .

Salespeople and time management go together about as well as oil and water "” they just don’t mix. It’s not that we don’t want to be better time managers, it’s just not in our genes. I suspect our inability to embrace time management techniques is a birth defect afflicting most salespeople.

Having said all that, I recognize that the most successful salespeople are the ones who make the best use of their time, are the most organized, and who struggle to stay organized each day.

It’s worth remembering that the most important factor in selling success is not being able to persuade the prospect to buy. It’s finding the best prospects and talking to the largest number of these prospects. Not only must we find quality prospects, we must manage our time properly if we are to get in front of more and more of them.

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