Livening Up Your Sales Meetings

by Brian Jeffrey

Here’s an excerpt from ┬áthe eBook . . .

Face-to-face sales meetings are the best way for communicating with your salespeople. Telephone, e-mail, voice mail and paper are secondary mediums. A well-run meeting can be a very motivating and invigorating event. Unfortunately, most sales meetings are not well run. They have all the motivating aspects of a funeral service and can be downright depressing, particularly if they turn into finger-pointing and bitching sessions.

Nobody starts out to have a poor sales meeting. But, like many other things, if you don’t know what you should be doing, there’s a high probability of doing it wrong.

When properly executed, the sales meeting is a two-way communication medium that helps keep problems to a minimum and builds team spirit. Potential problems can be brought into the open before they become too big. While the sales meeting doesn’t eliminate problems, it sure can help catch them before they catch you. And, if everyone is involved in the solution-finding process, there’s a sense of teamwork.

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