How Your Personality Impacts the Sale

by Brian Jeffrey

Here’s an excerpt from  the eBook . . .

Selling is not just a people business; it’s a people-to-people business. If businesses could sell their products and services without the expense of having to pay salespeople, they would do it in a heartbeat. Why have all that expense if you don’t need it? Businesses would be delighted to just run advertisements, have informational web sites, or simply send out brochures, catalogues, or data sheets, and have customers buy, buy, buy.

This can be done and those companies who sell only through catalogues (Sears, Land’s End) or specialized web sites (eBay,, Dell) have proven that this method of selling can be successful if properly executed.

For most businesses, however, selling is still a people-to-people business. We need to have at least two people involved "” the buyer and the seller. Whenever you have two or more people together in a group, an interesting set of dynamics can and does occur.

For example, have you ever met someone whom you liked instantly? You hit it off with the person the moment you met? That’s great when it happens, especially when the other person is a prospect.

How about those times when you didn’t hit it off with the other person. You just couldn’t seem to get it together. Not so good, especially when the other person is a prospect or customer.

We’ve all met salespeople whom we wouldn’t buy from if they were the last salesperson on earth. Ever wonder why this happens? You’re going to find out why this occurs and how to avoid this potentially fatal selling problem.

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