How to Hire Salespeople Who Can Sell

by Brian Jeffrey

Here’s an excerpt from  the eBook . . .

One of the most critical functions you perform as a sales manager is putting together the sales team. The right people, working together, can make business life a pleasure. On the other hand "” hire the wrong people and your life can become hell.

If you want a salesperson, hire a salesperson, not someone with no track record of sales success of some kind. Take your time to hire the best you can afford. The cost of a hiring mistake can be crippling. Too many managers fall into the trap of hiring the first or second warm body that comes along in order to fill the open slot.

There’s an old adage in sports that says "A" coaches hire "A" players, and "B" coaches hire "C" players.

When this happens in the sales department, and the "B" sales manager hires "C" salespeople, he soon complains about business being bad. It’s not always the business that’s bad, it’s often the salespeople.

An "A" manager, sales or otherwise, is self-confident enough to hire people who can be or are better in a particular job function than the manager is himself. A "B" manager’s ego won’t allow him to hire someone who may show him up. "A" managers strive to empower their employees while "B" managers go for control.

For the best results, stop hiring losers and start hiring winners. Be an "A" sales manager who hires "A" salespeople.

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