Conquering the (Dreaded) Price Objection

by Brian Jeffrey

Here’s an excerpt from  the eBook . . .

What’s the number one sales objection that most salespeople dread? The price objection of course. We get it so often you’d think we would have developed an answer for it by now. Most salespeople don’t take the time to prepare a proper response to this challenge. That’s what we’re going to do in this booklet.

What do think the differences are between the two salespeople on the right and the two on the left?

Both teams of salespeople sell similar-type products and services. In fact some of each team’s products compete directly with those of the other team. Team A on the left offers a low- to medium-price range of products and services while team B sells in the moderate- to high-price range. When it comes time to close the sale, all four salespeople face the same challenge "” the price objection.

Team A, despite having low- to moderately-priced products, still struggles with the price objection while team B takes the same price objection in stride.

What’s the difference? In a word "” attitude.

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