Building & Maintaining Morale

by Brian Jeffrey

Here’s an excerpt from  the eBook . . .

There are two times when morale within an organization is high. One is when everything is going well and sales are rolling in. The other is when everything is going bad and sales are just dribbling in, but no one realizes it yet! In the first case it’s important to make sure that morale stays high. In the second case it’s critical. When times and sales are good, it’s easy to keep morale high. Almost anyone can do it. During difficult times, however, it’s harder to do and that’s when leaders, not just managers, are required.

In difficult times, the accounts receivable staff is usually the first to know. Word spreads quickly to other employees via the grapevine, often before management or the business owner knows what’s happening. Before you know it, a pall hangs over the organization. As soon as it hits the sales department, the sales go from bad to worse and morale drops another notch.

Too often, management drops like a ton of bricks onto the salespeople with predictable results "” panic. Or management puts on a brave face hoping their people will be fooled into thinking everything is all right. This is not the time to place a wall of silence between management and staff. It’s the time for open and frank communication. Unsubstantiated rumours will destroy morale quicker than the worst truth.

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