Here’s a series of high-content, tightly written, relevant, and easy reading eBooks. You won’t find a lot of page-consuming filler in these eBooks, just good usable information. Some of the eBooks are intended for sales managers and others for salespeople. And the best thing is that they are FREE for the asking!


eBooks for Sales Managers

How to Map & Manage Your Sales Process
An effective road map of your sales process helps everyone to not only know where they are going but also how to get there and remove bottlenecks that can slow down your internal processes. [Read More]

How to Hire Salespeople Who Can Sell
Tired of hiring duds? Here is a simple process and some ideas that will help you put together a powerful sales team. It’s not hard to find winners if you do the right things. [Read More]

Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks
Training isn’t just for new salespeople. It also pays to give your seasoned salespeople a tune-up from time to time. That way everyone is singing from the same song sheet. [Read More]

Salvaging Problem Salespeople
Understanding the problems that problem salespeople have is your first step to applying the right solution to get the person back on track and productive again. [Read More]

Building & Maintaining Morale
Times are tough and selling is tough and it’s easy for a salesperson’s morale and motivation to take a tumble. When that happens, sales can take a tumble as well. Here are some time-tested ideas to keep that from happening. [Read More]

Livening Up Your Sales Meetings
Do your sales meetings make a funeral look like a festive event? Are people arriving late and leaving early? It doesn’t have to be that way. Learn how to turn your sales meetings into a not-to-be-missed affair. [Read More]

Increasing Sales Staff Productivity
Sales results are directly connected to the productivity of your salespeople. There are things you can do as a sales manager to make sure you are getting the most out of your people. [Read More]

Simplified Compensation Plans That Work
You can spend thousands of dollars and tons of time developing complex compensation plans only to have them fail. Why go complex when simple works. Find out what the best plan is for your people. [Read More]

How to Fire a Salesperson Without Getting Burned
Replacing a salesperson is always the last resort but if it has to be done, do it right. Learn how to take the pressure off both you and the person who will soon be looking for a new career opportunity. [Read More]

Breaking in the New Salesperson
Getting a new salesperson up to speed is like breaking in the engine on a new vehicle. Do it right and you’ll get years of good service. Do it badly and you may lose your investment. [Read More]

Managing the Sales Funnel
Have you ever wondered how to determine the size of your prospecting pipeline? Do you know what the minimum value of the opportunities flowing through your sales funnel needs to be if you’re going to make quota? Here’s how to figure it out. [Read More]

eBooks for Salespeople

Warming Up Cold Calls
Somewhere in this world there are seven or eight salespeople who really enjoy making cold calls. The rest of us would rather stand under a cold shower, ripping up $100 bills. This ebook is for the tens of thousands of us who hate and sometimes fear making cold calls. [Read More]

Conquering the (Dreaded) Price Objection
The price objection is probably the number one sales objection in today’s economy. We get it so often that you’d think we’d have developed an answer for it by now. Unfortunately, most salespeople don’t take the time to prepare a proper response to this challenge. This ebook will help you do just that. [Read More]

How Your Personality Impacts the Sale
Whenever you start a sale, there are two personalities involved, yours and the prospect’s. When these personalities clash, you’ve got rough waters ahead. There is something you can do about it. Learn about the four basic selling styles and how to sell to the four different buyer styles. You’ll also get a handy pocket guide to determining another person’s personality and what you need to do to sell to them. [Read More]

World’s Shortest Sales Course
Are you a seasoned business-to-business sales professional who is looking for a quick refresher? Are you new to the selling field and want to find out what you should be doing to become even more successful? Maybe you’re one of those people who hates to sell but has to do the dastardly deed as part of your job. Whatever, here’s what you absolutely need to know. [Read More]

Time Management Tips for Salespeople
Whether you’re selling on the road, selling over the telephone, or standing behind the counter in a retail operation, the one thing you don’t have enough of, apart from money, is time. There is just not enough time in a day to do all the things that need to get done and that’s why time management skills are critical if salespeople are to succeed. [Read More]

Primer on Major Account Selling
While many salespeople understand sales tactics, they have a poor knowledge of sales strategy. Here’s a short, easy read that will bring you up to speed on what it takes to sell to major accounts. [Read More]