No References? Beware!

Although most companies, for some inexplicable reason, don’t check references, you should still ask for them. Not being able to get references can tell you volumes about the candidate.

Whenever a candidate can’t provide current references because "the person left the company and I don’t know where he went", or for a multitude of other seemingly reasonable reasons, beware. Sometimes it’s not because they CAN’T provide references, it’s because they DON’T want to. Sometimes the candidate doesn’t have any good references, or maybe he’s afraid of what the references might say.

When you can’t get references, this should raise a red flag in your mind and you should drop the candidate to the bottom of the eligibility list, if not off the list altogether.

Smart employers not only ask for permission to call the candidate’s former bosses or supervisors, they follow through and actually make those calls.

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