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Using Sales Simulations

A lot of hiring managers shy away from doing a sales simulation because they think it’s a bit contrived and somewhat corny, while others fall back on the old "sell me this pen" technique, which is better than nothing. In an earlier post titled How to Find Out If They Can Sell, I gave an […]

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How to Find Out If They Can Sell

No sales candidate is going to tell you that he doesn’t know how to sell, even when he doesn’t know how. That’s because he thinks he does know. So it’s up to you to figure out if he really does. I know that it sounds a bit corny to ask a sales candidate to sell […]

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Two Critical Tests for Sales Candidates (Part 2)

In part one I expressed my despair that companies don’t do a more thorough job of selecting salespeople. My concerns stem from my years in the sales training business where I was too often brought into a company and asked to basically train pigs to fly. They wanted to train salespeople who, at best, should […]

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