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Know What You’re Looking For In a Salesperson

If you’re looking for the ideal or perfect salesperson, look no more. They don’t exist. What’s “perfect” for you and your company depends entirely on what you sell, your selling environment, and the prospects you sell to. Every sales position has a degree of uniqueness about it. Smart companies take the time to define what […]

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Mandatory and Desirable Criteria for Hiring Salespeople

When you’re actively looking for a new salesperson, not everyone who passes over your electronic threshold is a prime candidate for the job of sales professional. To eliminate obvious misfits from the pile of responses you hope to get from your recruiting efforts, you need to have a filter through which you will pass the […]

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Looking for Good Salespeople? Try These Unlikely Places.

Advertising isn’t the only way to find suitable job candidates. Here are some other sources worth considering: In-house. If the sales position in question is an entry-level one, you may have some ideal candidates right under your nose, such as a customer support person or an employee who shows promise and who has expressed an […]

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