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Don’t Let HR Hire Salespeople

One of the hiring traps many companies fall into is letting HR hire salespeople. I apologize if this blog annoys HR practitioners but the simple truth is that most (not all) HR people are unqualified to hire salespeople. What they are extremely good at is managing the hiring process and understanding the legal aspects of […]

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Prime the Witness When Doing Reference Checking

I’m usually not a big fan of asking leading questions of a referee. But when I’m doing reference checks for sales candidates, I’m all for priming the "witness" before conducting the interrogation. Why? Because it helps avoid getting those sometimes ill-deserved, glowing reports during your reference-checking process. By telling the referee in advance the concerns […]

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Beware of the Gabber When Hiring Salespeople

Every now and then I get a call from one of my consulting clients who is all excited because he thinks he’s found the ideal salesperson. "Brian," he’ll tell me excitedly, "This guy is great with people. He’s a really good talker." And I’ll respond with: "I’ve no doubt he’s a good talker, but can […]

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Don’t Lead the Witness

Too many untrained interviewers hear what they want to hear and subconsciously ask questions that get them the answers they want instead of uncovering truths. In a court of law, this process would be called leading the witness. Asking leading questions that predispose the sales candidate to give you answers you’re seeking is a waste […]

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Use TORC When Hiring

Not checking with a candidate’s previous employers is a serious mistake that many companies make when making a hiring decision. Sometimes it’s impossible to check a person’s employment record or do meaningful reference checks because the candidate is still in his first job. If you have someone you want to hire but the candidate is […]

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