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Know What You’re Looking For In a Salesperson

If you’re looking for the ideal or perfect salesperson, look no more. They don’t exist. What’s “perfect” for you and your company depends entirely on what you sell, your selling environment, and the prospects you sell to. Every sales position has a degree of uniqueness about it. Smart companies take the time to define what […]

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Consider Doing a Two-Minute Sales Interview

Before you go investing a ton of time and effort in setting up and conducting a face-to-face interview, consider a two-minute telephone interview with the potential sales candidate. While this is particularly important if you’re considering investing in an airline ticket to fly someone in for a formal interview, that isn’t the primary reason for […]

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Hold At Least One of Your Interviews in a Social Environment

There are a couple of reasons why you should take candidates from your hiring shortlist out for lunch or dinner and neither reason has to do with feeding a starving salesperson. I recommend that you hold at least one of your interviews in a social environment. Here’s why: 1. The candidate may feel more relaxed […]

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