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When to Interview the Sales Candidate’s Spouse

There are a couple of situations  when it makes good sense to include an interview with a sales candidate’s spouse. The first situation is when you’re seriously considering hiring a salesperson from a competitor.   The salesperson may be playing you off against his current employer for a raise. Asking to include the spouse in the hiring […]

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Hasty Hiring Decisions Can Be Costly

An article in the Harvard Business Review pointed out that 43% of hiring decisions are made within the first 4.8 minutes of the interview. Talk about the importance of a candidate creating a good first impression! If this is the case, why bother interviewing people for more than 5 minutes? The answer is because hasty […]

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Hiring “No-See’em” Salespeople

You’re probably wondering exactly what is a no-see’em? These are salespeople that your customers don’t see. Usually they don’t see them because their only contact is by telephone. Telephone selling is often considered at the low end of the selling food chain and, as such, is low paying and attracts immigrants and other people with […]

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Beware of Salespeople Who Interview Well

Hiring a salesperson who interviews well is an easy trap to fall into. The person is usually a charmer. He’s answered every question eloquently and in depth, giving you far more information that you asked for. He’s articulate, witty, personable, and obviously knows his stuff. Maybe, maybe not. You may have just been sold. You […]

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Hold At Least One of Your Interviews in a Social Environment

There are a couple of reasons why you should take candidates from your hiring shortlist out for lunch or dinner and neither reason has to do with feeding a starving salesperson. I recommend that you hold at least one of your interviews in a social environment. Here’s why: 1. The candidate may feel more relaxed […]

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