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Don’t Let HR Hire Salespeople

One of the hiring traps many companies fall into is letting HR hire salespeople. I apologize if this blog annoys HR practitioners but the simple truth is that most (not all) HR people are unqualified to hire salespeople. What they are extremely good at is managing the hiring process and understanding the legal aspects of […]

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Getting Piles From Sorting Resumes

The piles I’m referring to is not the type that cause anal discomfort, it’s the "Yes," "No," and "Maybe" piles that result from sorting through tons of resumes before we engage in the interview process. When you think of it, we make our go/no-go interview decisions based on the quality of the writing in a […]

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The “Hi Good-Looking” Trap

According to an article in the Harvard Business review, 33% of all hiring decisions are decided on appearance alone. This is great for people who use this technique as all they need is a photo or video of the candidate to make their decision on. I’m being facetious of course. Obviously the candidate’s resume is […]

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When to Interview the Sales Candidate’s Spouse

There are a couple of situations  when it makes good sense to include an interview with a sales candidate’s spouse. The first situation is when you’re seriously considering hiring a salesperson from a competitor.   The salesperson may be playing you off against his current employer for a raise. Asking to include the spouse in the hiring […]

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Two Critical Tests for Sales Candidates (Part 2)

In part one I expressed my despair that companies don’t do a more thorough job of selecting salespeople. My concerns stem from my years in the sales training business where I was too often brought into a company and asked to basically train pigs to fly. They wanted to train salespeople who, at best, should […]

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