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It’s Prudent to Always Be Recruiting

Those of us who are long in the tooth remember the old ABC of selling  "” Always Be Closing. When you’re a sales manager, it’s ABR  "” Always Be Recruiting. You never know when you’re going to lose a good salesperson, or a bad one for that matter, and the toughest time to find a salesperson is […]

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Keep Note of the Superstars You Meet

If you want to find a really good salesperson, don’t run an advertisement. Use an even better resource"”your experience. As you trundle up and down the road of life, keep note of the salespeople you meet that impress you. Get their cards and home telephone numbers. That way you’ll know how to reach them when […]

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Don’t Discard Badly Written Resumes

While it makes a lousy first impression, just because a candidate doesn’t express himself or herself well on paper shouldn’t be the sole reason for eliminating the person from the competition. Not every good salesperson has a great grasp of the written word or can spell well, but they may be able to sell up […]

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