Hiring “No-See’em” Salespeople

You’re probably wondering exactly what is a no-see’em? These are salespeople that your customers don’t see. Usually they don’t see them because their only contact is by telephone.

Telephone selling is often considered at the low end of the selling food chain and, as such, is low paying and attracts immigrants and other people with a poor understanding or ability to communicate effectively in English. This inability can cause aggravation and frustration on the part of your customers as they struggle to understand or to be understood. Here’s a blinding flash of the obvious for why your aggravated customers don’t buy!

If you’re hiring people to work the phones, make sure they are relatively accent free and can communicate effectively in English. There’s a big difference between interviewing someone in person where you can see and hear the person versus just hearing the person. In the case of no-see’ems, it’s best to conduct your interviews over the telephone.

If you’re having problems understanding the candidate, so will your customers.

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