Conduct Group Interviews

If your firm is keen on using a team approach to selling, it might be wise to include some or all of the current sales team members in on the final selection interviews for a new salesperson. If there’s going to be a personality or other type of conflict, better you find out before you hire the person than after. Make sure that each of the people on the interviewing team comes prepared with one or two relevant questions.

I recommend an informal setting for the interview. You don’t want it to turn into a good cop/bad cop thing where the team tries to beat the truth out of the candidate. This is an interview, not a rubber-hose interrogation! Keep it light but meaningful.

Another advantage of having this type of interview is that it allows you to take a less active, observer role so that you can see how the candidate reacts to the situation and to the other team members. This is likely the way the person will react when dealing with your customers when he first meets them.

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