Choosing Which Candidate to Hire Between Equally Qualified Salespeople

Now here’s a problem most sales managers and HR professionals would kill for  "” two equally qualified sales candidates.

Assuming that both candidates scored equally on our Sales Temperament Assessment and that they are pretty well matched against your mandatory and desirable criteria list, which one do you choose?

You want to choose the person who seems most enthusiastic about the prospect of joining your sales team.

In fact, if one of the candidates was somewhat less qualified but more enthusiastic, I’d probably choose him or her over the seemingly better qualified one. Why? Because, in my mind, enthusiasm trumps most other qualities including experience.

In my experience, a less experienced, enthusiastic salesperson will sell rings around a more seasoned, laid-back one who has grown tired of his job.

As I always tell my clients, hire for attitude and train for skill. Enthusiasm is an attitude that is worth hiring.

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