Beware of the Sales Gabber

Some salespeople simply don’t know when to shut up!

Recently I had set aside an hour to do an interview with a sales candidate. Now I do a pretty thorough interview and I came prepared with a list of 30 or so questions I like to get answered.

I usually start off with a brief review of the timelines in a candidate’s resume so that we are on common and comfortable ground. With this particular individual, what should have been a brief five-minute review turned into a 20-minute monologue that not only broke the job timelines down to the year, but I swear, he got down to days and minutes before he was done.

Every short question was met with a long answer. On at least three occasions, I mentioned that I was getting pressed for time but he wasn’t to be deterred. I was to get the whole story and nothing less would do.

My time was running out by the tenth question and I was now ten minutes late for moving on. I mentioned that fact to the candidate as he followed me out to my car where he spent another five minutes thanking me and engaging in further chitchat.

When I was finally able to extricate myself from the fellow, I called the recruiter and told him to send the candidate the standard no-thanks letter. And, if  he  asked, he should tell the candidate that he talked himself out of a job.

Overly social salespeople are quite unaware that they are wasting other people’s time.   Don’t hire them. You don’t want them wasting your customer’s time.

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