Assessments are NOT the Total Answer

Sales assessment tests, ours or anyone else’s, are an addition to and not a substitute for, a well-conceived and properly executed hiring process. You should never hire or fire anyone solely on the basis of this type of testing. However, it does act as an excellent selection tool.

At best, the results will confirm your feelings that you may have a winner. At worst, the results will raise red flags (concerns) that should be put to rest during the reference-checking and interview process.

A common sales management mistake is thinking that there are good salespeople and bad salespeople when in reality there are just people with varying degrees of certain traits "” some of which can be managed and some which cannot. Some of these traits make for sales success and other traits are an impediment to success. A good sales assessment  helps uncover these traits.

Once you find the right people for your sales team, you still have to manage them for maximum efficiency. Even self-starters need a boost from time to time while others need to be jump-started every morning. The key is knowing who requires what. Assessments can help.

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