Brian Jeffrey

Brian Jeffrey has over 40 years experience in sales, sales management, sales training, and business consulting. He is the co-founder and past president of SalesForce Training & Consulting Inc, as well as Salesforce Assessments Ltd. Having sold both those companies, his focus is now on sharing his over 40 years of sales and sales management experience with companies and individuals who want help managing their sales.

During his many years in sales, Brian sold everything from electronic instrumentation to computers, satellite communications equipment to state-of-the-art test instruments, consulting services to training, tangibles and intangibles. In addition to being on the road selling for a number of years, he has owned or managed three retail operations, a computer communications firm, a paging firm, a sales training company, and an Internet-based sales assessment company. As a sales manager, he has a unique ability to train, coach and motivate people.

In addition to running his own sales management consulting businesses, Brian is the author of 18 ebooks and over 100 articles on sales and sales management. He is also the author of the “5-Minute Sales Trainer” and “The SalesWizard’s Secrets of Sales Management” (now out of print).

On a personal note, Brian and his business partner and life mate, Lorraine, live and work in a rural setting outside of Carp Ontario, a suburb of Ottawa, Canada’s capital. Brian has been a licensed radio operator for over 50 years and still dabbles in amateur radio. The curious or downright nosy can visit his personal web site at www.VE3UU.com and read more about his radio hobby, the Diefenbunker (Canada’s not-so Secret Nuclear Bunker!), as well as his adventures in the Arctic as a young man on the Distant Early Warning Radar Line (DEWLine) at www.DEWLine.ca.