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Prime the Witness When Doing Reference Checking

I’m usually not a big fan of asking leading questions of a referee. But when I’m doing reference checks for sales candidates, I’m all for priming the "witness" before conducting the interrogation. Why? Because it helps avoid getting those sometimes ill-deserved, glowing reports during your reference-checking process. By telling the referee in advance the concerns […]

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Hiring a Salesperson? Hire for Attitude.

Seasoning is great “on” food and “in” people! One of the things employers often look for in a sales candidate is past sales experience and “seasoning.” However, sometimes when you hire one of these seasoned pros, they come complete with complacency. In sales, like in many things, attitude counts. I don’t ever discount a salesperson’s […]

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Using Sales Simulations

A lot of hiring managers shy away from doing a sales simulation because they think it’s a bit contrived and somewhat corny, while others fall back on the old "sell me this pen" technique, which is better than nothing. In an earlier post titled How to Find Out If They Can Sell, I gave an […]

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Onboarding Salespeople for Fun & Profit

Getting your new salesperson started off on the right foot is an important part of them having fun and you making even more profit. A while ago I  did another of my gems of wisdom titled The New Hire "“ Doing It Right where I provided an outline of the sales-related items that a new hire […]

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