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Set an Interview Time Limit

I’ve blogged in the past about sales candidates who have a propensity to be verbose and why you may want to avoid them (huge time wasters). Whenever I’m tasked to do an interview with someone who our Sales Temperament Assessment has flagged as being over-social, I use the following technique to see if the person […]

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The Last Sales Interview Question

You’re hiring salespeople, right? So, at a minimum, the sales candidate should know how to sell himself. That’s why, when you’ve completed all the rest of the interview and testing process, you should ask what I call the last question, “Why should we hire you?” This gives the salesperson one last opportunity to sell himself […]

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An Effective Format for Developing a Salesperson’s Job Description

If you’ve been in sales management for any length of time, you’ve probably hired a salesperson who didn’t work out as well as you wanted. Sometimes it’s because the wrong person was hired. Sometimes the right salesperson was hired but was given the wrong instructions or, even worse, no instructions or direction at all. Getting […]

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