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The “Hi Good-Looking” Trap

According to an article in the Harvard Business review, 33% of all hiring decisions are decided on appearance alone. This is great for people who use this technique as all they need is a photo or video of the candidate to make their decision on. I’m being facetious of course. Obviously the candidate’s resume is […]

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Hire Sales Skills Over Industry Experience

This hiring tip may seem counter intuitive but it has a lot of merit. Many companies still choose industry experience over sales skills because of the potentially faster ramp-up time and potential business that an industry-seasoned candidate brings to the table. While this is a reasonable assumption, you may be passing up the opportunity to […]

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How to Find Out If They Can Sell

No sales candidate is going to tell you that he doesn’t know how to sell, even when he doesn’t know how. That’s because he thinks he does know. So it’s up to you to figure out if he really does. I know that it sounds a bit corny to ask a sales candidate to sell […]

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Reverse Prospecting

I’ve just invented a new catch-phrase "” Reverse Prospecting "” and if you like the concept, you’re welcome to steal it from me. Anyone who has been in B2B sales for any length of time appreciates the fact that no matter how great your selling skills are, if you don’t have someone to use them […]

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