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When to Interview the Sales Candidate’s Spouse

There are a couple of situations  when it makes good sense to include an interview with a sales candidate’s spouse. The first situation is when you’re seriously considering hiring a salesperson from a competitor.   The salesperson may be playing you off against his current employer for a raise. Asking to include the spouse in the hiring […]

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Sales Management Consulting – Coaching – Mentoring

It’s Lonely at the Top It doesn’t matter if you are a sales manager or business owner; it’s lonely at the top. You are often called upon to make decisions in a vacuum without the benefit of being able to bounce your ideas off of someone else. When those decisions impact your sales efforts, they […]

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Two Critical Tests for Sales Candidates (Part 2)

In part one I expressed my despair that companies don’t do a more thorough job of selecting salespeople. My concerns stem from my years in the sales training business where I was too often brought into a company and asked to basically train pigs to fly. They wanted to train salespeople who, at best, should […]

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Two Critical Tests for Sales Candidates (Part 1)

When  hiring for a position as critical as sales, I’m always surprised that companies don’t take the time to test candidates better than they do. I recognize that the HR department is ill equipped to test salespeople beyond the standard personality or temperament assessment but, even then, most seem loath to use these tools. It’s as […]

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Recession Sales Management

No, this article isn’t about how to manage a recession. Recessions seem to manage themselves quite well without our involvement. I want to look at what changes we need to make in our approach to sales management during recessionary or otherwise difficult times. Unless you’ve just fallen off the sales management turnip truck, you’ve probably […]

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