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Mandatory and Desirable Criteria for Hiring Salespeople

When you’re actively looking for a new salesperson, not everyone who passes over your electronic threshold is a prime candidate for the job of sales professional. To eliminate obvious misfits from the pile of responses you hope to get from your recruiting efforts, you need to have a filter through which you will pass the […]

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Hasty Hiring Decisions Can Be Costly

An article in the Harvard Business Review pointed out that 43% of hiring decisions are made within the first 4.8 minutes of the interview. Talk about the importance of a candidate creating a good first impression! If this is the case, why bother interviewing people for more than 5 minutes? The answer is because hasty […]

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Beware of the Gabber When Hiring Salespeople

Every now and then I get a call from one of my consulting clients who is all excited because he thinks he’s found the ideal salesperson. "Brian," he’ll tell me excitedly, "This guy is great with people. He’s a really good talker." And I’ll respond with: "I’ve no doubt he’s a good talker, but can […]

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The Three-Legged Sales Hiring Stool

If you’re sitting on an office chair at the moment, look down and count the legs (or casters). You’ll most likely see five legs. Ever wonder why? I have. I remember when office chairs had only four casters to roll around with. I suspect that there must have been a rash of people who fell […]

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