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Hiring “No-See’em” Salespeople

You’re probably wondering exactly what is a no-see’em? These are salespeople that your customers don’t see. Usually they don’t see them because their only contact is by telephone. Telephone selling is often considered at the low end of the selling food chain and, as such, is low paying and attracts immigrants and other people with […]

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Choosing Which Candidate to Hire Between Equally Qualified Salespeople

Now here’s a problem most sales managers and HR professionals would kill for  "” two equally qualified sales candidates. Assuming that both candidates scored equally on our Sales Temperament Assessment and that they are pretty well matched against your mandatory and desirable criteria list, which one do you choose? You want to choose the person who […]

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Sales Training as a Hiring Criterion

If someone is serious about being in sales, I expect them to have had some sort of formal sales training over the time they’ve been in sales. By sales training I don’t mean the type of product knowledge training that too often passes for sales training. I want to know that the person knows how […]

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It’s Prudent to Always Be Recruiting

Those of us who are long in the tooth remember the old ABC of selling  "” Always Be Closing. When you’re a sales manager, it’s ABR  "” Always Be Recruiting. You never know when you’re going to lose a good salesperson, or a bad one for that matter, and the toughest time to find a salesperson is […]

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Should Sales Managers Sell?

Recently, a colleague and friend of mine in South Africa, Suzanne Burgess ofSalesBytes, posed this provocative question to several of her business colleagues. She pointed out that if there’s one raging debate in the sales world, it’s whether or not a sales manager "” i.e. someone who has a team reporting directly to him or […]

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