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Beware of Salespeople Who Interview Well

Hiring a salesperson who interviews well is an easy trap to fall into. The person is usually a charmer. He’s answered every question eloquently and in depth, giving you far more information that you asked for. He’s articulate, witty, personable, and obviously knows his stuff. Maybe, maybe not. You may have just been sold. You […]

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Consider Doing a Two-Minute Sales Interview

Before you go investing a ton of time and effort in setting up and conducting a face-to-face interview, consider a two-minute telephone interview with the potential sales candidate. While this is particularly important if you’re considering investing in an airline ticket to fly someone in for a formal interview, that isn’t the primary reason for […]

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How Much Weight Should You Give to Sales Assessment Results?

There have been situations where possibly good performing sales candidates have gotten knocked out of the hiring process early in the game because they "failed" a personality test or temperament assessment. This usually happens when HR uses a pre-hiring tool to make a go/no-go decision instead of considering the assessment results as just one part […]

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19 Ways to Lose Top-Performing Salespeople

Relax, this is not a tutorial on how to lose salespeople, good or bad. It’s hard enough finding top-performing salespeople in the first place, so why would anyone want to lose them? The answer, of course, is that you don’t, but there are a number of things that you do or don’t do that will […]

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