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Get Sales Candidates to Check You Out

Smart salespeople will do their due diligence when they’re looking for a sales job, but it doesn’t hurt to present the less-than-smart ones with a bit of a challenge. Here’s what you can do. In your recruiting ad, briefly describe your company’s work environment. Suggest that salespeople visit your web site to check you out […]

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Stay Objective When Hiring Salespeople

It’s far too easy to either fall in love with a sales candidate (the halo effect) or develop an instant dislike (transference). What generally happens with both the halo effect and transference is that the person under scrutiny reminds you of someone who you either really like or really dislike. If you find yourself moving […]

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Don’t Lead the Witness

Too many untrained interviewers hear what they want to hear and subconsciously ask questions that get them the answers they want instead of uncovering truths. In a court of law, this process would be called leading the witness. Asking leading questions that predispose the sales candidate to give you answers you’re seeking is a waste […]

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Making Sales and Losing Money

On the surface, the title of this article doesn’t make sense. The problem is, this phenomenon happens all too often, particularly when a company and/or its salespeople are focused on making sales. I can hear the masses crying out now that it’s the salesperson’s job to make sales and how dare I say otherwise. If […]

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