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Hire a Boomerang!

No, no, no! I don’t mean the device you throw and that’s supposed to come back to you. I mean a human boomerang. What’s a human boomerang? That’s someone who left your company for supposedly greener pastures but found himself standing in the same brown stuff as before and is now ready to come back. […]

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How NOT to Staff Your Sales Department

I don’t want to go on a rant here, but every now and then I’ll stumble over a company who has fallen on tough times and feels the need to downsize but hates to lay people off. Instead of putting them on the street, they will sometimes offer to move them into sales. My mind […]

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Hold At Least One of Your Interviews in a Social Environment

There are a couple of reasons why you should take candidates from your hiring shortlist out for lunch or dinner and neither reason has to do with feeding a starving salesperson. I recommend that you hold at least one of your interviews in a social environment. Here’s why: 1. The candidate may feel more relaxed […]

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Use TORC When Hiring

Not checking with a candidate’s previous employers is a serious mistake that many companies make when making a hiring decision. Sometimes it’s impossible to check a person’s employment record or do meaningful reference checks because the candidate is still in his first job. If you have someone you want to hire but the candidate is […]

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