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Firing Isn’t Failure

I don’t know about you but not every salesperson I’ve hired turned out to be a winner. If they were, I’d probably be spending my days at the racetrack getting rich. If by some unfortunate stroke of bad luck you happen to hire a salesperson who doesn’t work out and you have to fire the […]

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Stop Being the Farm Team for Your Competitors

Are you tired of having your salespeople poached by competitors or just leaving for greener pastures? If so, there are a couple of things you can do to eliminate, or at least, minimize the problem. First, you can stop the hemorrhaging by profiling your successful, long-term employees and using that criterion when hiring new people. […]

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Good Sources of Salespeople

As sales managers, we’re always, or should always be, on the lookout for new salespeople. Here is a sorely neglected source of potential salespeople "” your top performers. Ask them if they know anyone. Birds of a feather flock together and it’s quite likely that your existing people may know someone who could be a […]

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No References? Beware!

Although most companies, for some inexplicable reason, don’t check references, you should still ask for them. Not being able to get references can tell you volumes about the candidate. Whenever a candidate can’t provide current references because "the person left the company and I don’t know where he went", or for a multitude of other […]

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Don’t Discard Badly Written Resumes

While it makes a lousy first impression, just because a candidate doesn’t express himself or herself well on paper shouldn’t be the sole reason for eliminating the person from the competition. Not every good salesperson has a great grasp of the written word or can spell well, but they may be able to sell up […]

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