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Beware When Hiring Extroverts

For some reason, employers fall into the hiring trap of assuming that extroverts make the best salespeople. Some do, many don’t! Why? Because extroverts are so outgoing, they often talk "at" people instead of "to" them and this annoys many people, particularly introverts. Too many extroverted salespeople take the approach of, "Let me tell you […]

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Define the Job

A good and thorough job description is one of the major keys to making sure you hire the right person. If you don’t know what you want someone to do, then anyone can do it! A good job description is not only a primary hiring tool but it can become the performance standard by which […]

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Using Auditions Instead of Role-Plays

Here’s an interesting way to find out if a sales candidate really knows how to sell or is just telling you he does. Anybody can talk a good talk but can they walk the walk. Here’s a neat way to find out. Get the candidate to audition for you. An audition is simply an extension […]

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Are Your Salespeople Worth Their Salt?

While this article is being addressed to sales managers, it’s really intended for salespeople. It’s just that I know salespeople won’t read it so I’m hoping some sales managers will read it to them (or at least send it to them in the hope that it will get read). With that in mind, I’m actually […]

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