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The Downside of Hiring Under-Qualified Candidates

Everybody seems to be concerned about hiring an overqualified candidate. This tip takes you to the other extreme "”  the downside of hiring the under-qualified candidate. It’s tempting from a salary point of view to hire the newbie to sales. The problem is that a salesperson’s job is to get sales (income) but the newbie doesn’t […]

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Role-Playing and Sales Simulations

I’m not a big fan of asking the candidate to "sell" me something like a pen, a coffee cup, a glass or whatever. Most salespeople don’t like role-playing at the best of times and a job interview is certainly not the best of times. That said, over the years, I have come to realize that […]

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Don’t Trust Resumes

It’s wise to have a wary eye when reviewing resumes. Some of them are exercises in creative writing, second only to a salesperson’s expense report, and accomplishments and achievements become embellished with the passage of time. If someone looks good, take the time to call his or her former employer and confirm what was written […]

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Why Sales Managers Don’t Coach

Selling, particularly outside sales, can be a hard, lonely job. That’s why salespeople need someone who can coach and motivate them. I’m not talking about the pump ’em up, rah-rah motivation that dies within an hour or two. I call that the Chinese-food type of motivation. An hour after it’s done you want it again! […]

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