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People Who Think All Salespeople Are Crooks

I don’t want to go on a rant here but I really get annoyed whenever I hear someone telling a story about being taken in by a salesperson, or complaining about how she or he was somehow cheated by a salesperson. No wonder salespeople are looked down upon. From the stories floating around, you’d think […]

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Candidates May Be Better Prepared Than You

There are a ton of books out there for job seekers to help them prepare for the moment of truth "” the hiring interview. A lot of these people will not only know what questions you are likely to ask but what answers they should be giving if they are to impress you enough to […]

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The Salesperson from Hell

We’ve all heard of the customer from Hell, but some of us end up hiring a salesperson from the same place. Of course, none of us sets out to hire the wrong person, but occasionally it happens that we end up with the salesperson from Hell. This is the person who looked good and sounded […]

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Assessments are NOT the Total Answer

Sales assessment tests, ours or anyone else’s, are an addition to and not a substitute for, a well-conceived and properly executed hiring process. You should never hire or fire anyone solely on the basis of this type of testing. However, it does act as an excellent selection tool. At best, the results will confirm your […]

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