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Selling – No Training Required

I don’t want to go on a rant here but why is it that so many people think that the only three things you don’t need training for are parenting, sex, and selling? Apparently we’re supposed to have an intuitive knack for all three of these things. I don’t know about you, but I would […]

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Don’t Hire a Liar

When asked why he left his previous employment, the candidate gave a plausible reason. When asked the same question at a subsequent interview, however, he gave a different answer. When challenged to explain the differences, the candidate stumbled around, saying that he didn’t think it was important, but it became apparent he had gotten caught […]

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Hire Slow, Fire Fast

The old proverb about one bad apple spoiling the whole barrel is also true for a bad hire. Bringing the wrong person on board can demoralize others and, at best, cause performance problems within the sales department. At worst, it causes chaos.   No one sets out to fall into this hiring trap of hiring a […]

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Determining Who’s Pre-Wired for Sales

I just put the October issue of our SalesTalk newsletter to bed. As is often the case, the essence of the article came as a result of a conversation I had with a client. He was lamenting the problems of finding people who (a) want to be in sales and (b) would be good at […]

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Determining Who’s Pre-wired for Sales

I was chatting with a new client the other day about the challenges in finding salespeople, or even people who wanted to be in sales for that matter. Maybe you can empathize with his problem. His company sells a pretty pedestrian, relatively low-cost tool that’s in demand across a number of industries. Although it’s a […]

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