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Fear Sells So Sell Fear

Any marketing person will tell you that sex sells. Well, I’m here to tell you that sex doesn’t sell; sex simply gets your attention. After your attention has been aroused, it’s one of the other two primary motivators, or dominant buying motives, that drives you to buy. Those two dominant buying motives are desire for […]

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Where to Find Good Salespeople

One of the most critical functions you perform as a sales manager is putting together the right sales team. The right people, working together, can make business life a pleasure. On the other hand, hire the wrong people and your life can become hell. Where are all the good people? With the economy being what […]

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Luck is Not a Hiring Tool

Most sales managers figure they’re an excellent judge of character and can spot sales talent from a distance of 500 feet, if not farther. I used to think that too. That’s why a lot of my earlier hires were done after a 15- to 30-minute interview and a brief assessment of what my stomach was […]

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