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The Secret to Handling Objections

In my early years of selling, whenever I got an objection, my heart would sink, my stomach would go into turmoil, and my mind would shift into overdrive trying to figure out how to deal with it. All my early sales training and all the sales books I’d ever read made a big deal about […]

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Dealing With High-Maintenance Salespeople

Having a high-maintenance salesperson around is like owning an older car that requires constant tinkering to keep operating. Unfortunately you can’t give a high-maintenance salesperson an oil change or replace a few parts, although I’ve often felt that a dynamite enema might just do the job! In case you’re wondering what a high-maintenance salesperson is, […]

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Are Your Salespeople Spinning Their Wheels?

Just like a car that’s stuck on ice and spinning its wheels while getting nowhere fast, your salespeople may be revving their engines but standing still. And they may not even be aware of it. What a waste! Staying with the car metaphor a bit longer, when you’re behind the wheel, you can use the […]

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